YouTube Music MOD APK v5.22.54 (Premium Unlocked)

Bruh! Play the song “Careless Whisper”. Nah, bruh! That’s old, I am going to play “Savage Love”. Whenever it comes to the songs, everyone opens the YouTube Music MOD APK. It is a music streaming platform as you already know which has all the songs, old and new. On YouTube Music MOD APK, you can watch the songs according to your mood and genre. It also suggests songs based on your history and location. But there are also some problems with this app like ads. To remove ads, pay subscription fees for their premium version in YouTube. The cost is not that high as compared to other music streaming applications. But still, not everyone can pay.

Now download the latest version of YouTube Music MOD APK for Android and enjoy unlimited online music streaming without Ads for free. By using this APK you don’t need to worry because this is a premium version of YouTube Music APK which comes with an unlimited premium features.

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About YouTube Music

YouTube Music Premium APK

YouTube Music Premium APK is giving you all the premium features i.e. no ads, background play, and many more without paying any money. You can listen to songs while working on other applications. YouTube Originals are also available to watch for free.

There are more features about YouTube Music Premium APK discussed in the following sections. You can download the Mod Apk from here and it can be installed in both rooted and non-rooted devices.

Features in details

YouTube Music MOD Download
YouTube Music MOD Pro Unlocked

We have discussed the above features in detail in this section. If you wanna know more about the features, read the following sub-sections. Leave a comment if you have any questions after reading his post, we will reply as soon as possible.

Premium Version for Free

In YouTube Music Premium Mod APK, you don’t have to send money to get the premium version. You will get it for free along with all the premium features. Just download the apk and you are ready to enjoy the features.

No Ads

YouTube Music Premium APK no ads

“Your song will continue after this ad.”, “Skip Ad after 10 seconds.” and “Skip Ad”. These lines are common now and a breaker in our nice moment of enjoying the music. Well, if you are using the free version of the YouTube Music app, you have to deal with it. But you can remove these breaker-like-ads from your life. Download YouTube Music Premium Mod APK and say Bye-Bye to ads.

Background Play

YouTube Music Premium APK unlocked

In the free version, we can’t listen to songs as well as work on mobile. When we press the home button, the song stops. Songs are also supposed to play when we work on another application. Otherwise, what’s the point of music when it can’t be played in the background.

To enjoy your favorite songs during using another application, YouTube Music Premium Mod APK provides you the background play option. Doesn’t matter if it’s a video song, it will play in the background too. You can turn off the screen too and the song will not stop. It also saves your battery usage.

Download Your Favorite Song

download YouTube Music Premium APK

YouTube Music Premium Mod APK’s other best feature is that it allows us to download the songs. Data used up, network unstable can happens to anyone. And we can’t play music without data. In this Mod, you can download your songs and play whenever you want offline.

YouTube Originals

YouTube Music Premium APK

As you all know YouTube also releases its originals songs which are only available on YouTube Premium. And for the Premium, we need to pay subscription fees. You can download YouTube Music Premium Mod APK from here and enjoy the YouTube Originals as well for free.

High-Quality Songs

YouTube Music has quality up to 480p these days for mobiles in the free version. But YouTube Music Premium Mod APK has High-quality songs up to 1080p and you can download them in HD too.

Smart Playlist and Suggestion System

YouTube Music Premium APK

Listening to the songs, you like some songs among them and give a thumbs up. YouTube Music creates a playlist of songs you liked so that you can watch or listen to them later. You can create your playlist too and add your favorite songs in that playlist. This application also suggests similar songs based on your history, genres, and singers that you may like.

Easy to Use Interface

The interface of YouTube Music Premium is so easy to use. You can select the genres you like and search songs according to your mood i.e. happy, sad, sleep, workout, and many more in the Explore tab and songs of your subscription singers in the Home tab. In the Library tab, you have your liked songs and playlists. So simple right.

Billions of Songs to choose from

YouTube Music MOD No Ads
YouTube Music MOD For Android

You will find every song on YouTube Music Premium Mod. “I’m not in love” from 1975 or “Godzilla by Eminem” from 2022, every song of any year is available on this application.

Installation Guide

 You can install the app in your device easily with the following steps.

  1. Download YouTube Music Premium Mod APK
  2. Open your file manager and go to your download folder
  3. Find out the downloaded APK and open it.
  4. If it’s your first time installing an app from the file manager, then enable the permission to install the app from unknown sources. If u have already done it, then ignore this step.
  5. Then tap on the install button and wait for its completion.
  6. Now open the installed app and enjoy it.
  7. Share YouTube Music Premium Mod with others if you like it.

Some FAQ

Is YouTube Music Premium Mod safe to install?

It’s completely safe to install the application in your device without any problems.

Do I need to root my device to install the APK?

No, you can install it in non-rooted device.

Can I download the songs in audio?

Yes, you can download the songs in audio as well as video.

Is it completely free of cost?

YouTube Music Premium Mod APK is completely free of cost. Just download the APK from this site and you are ready to go.

Can I play the songs and work on another application together?

Yes. YouTube Music Premium supports background play. So you can play music in the background and work as well.

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YouTube Music MOD APK allows you to play songs in the background without any ads and interference and also free to use premium features which are explained in this blog. You can Download YouTube Music MOD APK from here and enjoy your favorite songs with no limitations. Have a nice day!

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