How To Get Free UC in BGMI India

Hello friends, today we are telling you about how to get free UC in BGMI India, if you play PUBG game then you must know how many different benefits it has and if you want to get Unlimited Uc in PUBG then in this way it is. The information is going to be very useful for you, in this we will give you complete information related to itSo that you can get Uc for free.

how to get free UC in BGMI India

How To Get Free UC in BGMI India

If you want to buy UC, then there are many ways in which you can take UC, before giving information about buying UC, we tell you about what is UC, as you all know that many company’s official Coins are there in the same way UC PUBG has coins and as soon as we make payment in itSo our money is transferred to PUBG UC, after that that UC is saved in your PUBG account itself, with the help of that you can take Royal Pass for yourself whenever you want.

If you want, you can buy UC for yourself by spending money, there are many options for this so that you can take UC, but if you do not want to spend money and you want to get UC for free, then the way we are telling you Through that you can get UC  for free without spending any money, for this you have toYou have to follow the method given by us.

By flipkart super coin

If you shop on Flipkart, then you will know that on the purchase of every product, Flipkart provides super coins to its users for free and you can use those super coins as recharge, product purchase, bank transfer etc. If you buy any cheap item then you will get less super coins in itIf you buy expensive goods, then you can get maximum 100 supercoins.,

You have to deposit these coins, slowly your coins keep getting deposited in your flipkart, their validity is of 1 year, you will be able to use them for one year and when you have enough coins in your flipkart, then after that you have to reward them. There you will find the PUBG section, click on itBy doing this you can take Royal Pass of PUBG from your Super Coin.,

Recently an offer is also going on that if you collect 799 coins in flipkart then you will be given royal pass for free from flipkart company and if you have so many coins then you can redeem 660 UC for your pubg for free. can do.

To get UC by playing tournament

If you want to get UC without spending money, then you should play Tournament and for this you have to go to google play store, after that you have to download any Tournament Game of your choice there and by playing this game, you can do it. You can earn very good money through it and when you have itIf you make good money, then you can get UC in PUBG from them.

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